Congratulations to lab members of MSc class of 2018-19 who graduated Thursday 20th February

Congratulations to former MSc student lab members from the class of 2018-19 who graduated on February 20th, 2020:

Kim Chandler: Determinate growth and diphyodonty of the early mammaliaform Morganucodon watsoni.

Oliver Demuth: 3D Limb Biomechanics of the Stem-Archosaur Euparkeria capensis and  Re-evaluation of Posture Evolution within Archosauria

Krishna Hu: Ontogenetic endocranial shape change in alligators and ostriches and its implications for the development of the non-avian dinosaur endocranium.

Callum Kunz: To hop or not to hop: locomotor modes of giant and small extinct kangaroos.

Wilfred (Kit Lam) Tang: Assessing lower jaw shape as a proxy of diet in small extant mammals using finite element analysis.

Caitlin Sclater: The influence of predation on early vertebrate evolution – biomechanics of the earliest vertebrate skeletons.

(Some of the) MSc Palaeobiology class of 2018-19. Photo courtesy of @BristolPalaeo twitter account